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Hair Salon Berwick - Reception

Hair Salon Berwick – Reception

Our 100% guarantee:

We want you to leave our salon with that wonderful “WOW” feeling. In the unlikely event you’re not delighted, tell us within 7 days and we will redo it FREE.

Welcome to Hair Salon Berwick presented by Allura Hairdressing Boutique. Relax in the hands of our professional stylists and let yourself drift away from the daily grind of work.
You know how frustrating it is to spend hours of time at a salon only to find the hairdresser doesn’t listen and end up doing what they want and not what you were trying to explain. This experience happens all the time.

Is your hairdresser lacking inspiration? Are you frustrated because you are passed from one stylist to another and kept waiting? Are you tired of paying out lots of your hard earned money on your hair colour and style only to find your hairdresser uses cheap BULK products? Do you want to receive the WOW experience but find the service is not consistent?

You are not alone and it’s not your fault, thousands of people just like you are finding these problems every day.

Don’t despair – Allura Hairdressing Boutique have the answer!

Hair Salon Berwick – The Allura Team

At Allura our clients are our number one priority and we promise a “Touch of Class with High Quality Hairstyling for You”.

“During your visit to Allura you will always be greeted on time and will receive the WOW factor with each service. You will be looked after from start to finish by your own personal stylist,” says salon owner Leiza Cester. Finally here is a boutique hair salon that emphasizes a friendly culture so you are not just a number!

You will receive a thorough consultation that allows your stylist to listen and determine what you are looking for. With the use of Australia’s finest natural and organic hair products, your stylist will create amazing results and offer you a FREE blowdry lesson (valued at $50.00) with every service.

The stylists at Allura have the superstar touch! They are hyper-trained and come from an extensive level of hairdressing qualifications with a minimum of 6 years experience. Each team member has achieved the Delorenzo Gold Forum Technicians Qualification which is one of the highest accolades you can strive for.

We are dedicated to our clients & would like you to join us at the best hair salon in Berwick.

All our team members are handpicked, they are chosen on the basis of their high standards and technical ability in their own fields, their personality, enthusiasm, reliability, honesty and integrity – they are simply great people!

This shift in approach has led to a broad following of loyal customers who appreciate a friendly and professional environment with Stylists who give you what you’re looking for.

Hair Salon Berwick - The Main Cutting Room

Hair Salon Berwick – The Main Cutting Room

Our most popular services.

  • Blowdrying
  • Colour
  • Style Cutting
  • Organic Hair & Scalp Treatments
  • Special Occasion Hair
  • Hair Extensions
  • Keragreen Organic Hair Smoothing

We want you to look and feel great with inspirational ideals we will ensure that every visit to our hair salon leaves you feeling radiant and revitalised. We trust you’ll want to come back time and time again.

Call us now on 9707 0864 to make your next appointment.


Salon of the Year Nomination

  Salon of the year Top 10 Finalist 2010

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Protect & Preserve our planet
Allura believes that all businesses should be responsible for the effect their activities have on the environment. Allura is committed to operating a sustainable business ensuring all of our activities are in the best interests of the environment. Allura will use environmentally sustainable resources and certified organic products wherever technically possible and economically viable.

No animal testing
Allura is completely against the testing of cosmetic products and ingredients on animals. We do not and will never support products tested on animals, nor will we ever commission others to do so.


Value Australian trade
Allura is committed to supporting initiatives that contribute to the economic, social and cultural growth of Australia and its communities. Allura will continue to choose products that are responsibly harvested and trade wherever possible with Australian communities who can benefit.


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