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Allura’s tips to achieve your most beautiful hair. – By Hair Salon Berwick – Call us on 9707 0864

posted by admin

1. Love your hair. I know it seems obvious, but once you acknowledge and understand what type of hair you’ve got, you can start looking after it properly. While you’re in denial about your real hair, it will never look its most beautiful.

2. Choose the right products for your hair. Choose hydrating and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (like DeLorenzo Prescriptive Range) for dry or curly hair. Choose a volumising shampoo (like DeLorenzo Accentu8) for volume for fine hair. Using the right product for your hair will give you the right results you want.

3. Get a haircut. I believe a haircut can change your life, and it will definitely change your hair. Don’t get attached to your long hair. If the ends are ragged it will look terrible. Beautiful hair has no split ends so get them cut off.

4. Get your shine on. Use a semi-permanent colour (like DeLorenzo soft colour mousse) to add a gloss to your hair.

5. Never heat style without using a protectant. Repeat this mantra and make sure you never damage your hair unnecessarily! Use a heat protectant spray (like DeLorenzo Extinguish) to keep your hair looking its best every time you blowdry or heat style your hair.

6. Treat your hair. Once a week use a deep conditioning mask to help repair and protect your hair from damage caused by styling. Try the Everescents Organic Cinnamon & Patchouli Deep Treatment. It only takes 3 minutes so you can always make time for your hair.

7. Try a new hairstyle. Get out of your ponytail rut and do something different with your hair. Move your part, or try a side braid for a different look. You can do so many things with braids!

Check out these beautiful styles for some inspiration.



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