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The best way to keep your colour looking good is to maintain the hair condition. Good quality shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask will help keep your hair healthy so that it can hold on to colour longer.  DeLorenzo Novafusion colour care Shampoo – formulated with UV inhibitors to enhance your natural or professional colour and control colour fade or reduce unwanted brassy tones.  Novafusion contains native plant extracts including Kakadu Plum and Rooibos, Birch and Willowbark extracts for soft, shiny hair.

Allura Hairdressing Boutique – Berwick’s Best Salon


So come into Allura Hairdressing Boutique and purchase your Novafusion Colour Care Shampoo and receive a FREE Rejuven8 Colour Lock Spray (Offer valid while stock lasts)

Available in 14 different colour shampoos.

Allura Hairdressing Boutique – Berwick’s Best Salon


It has been said that pregnant women have a glow about them. And no one glows more than the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton Serious morning sickness or not, Kate has been looking radiant during her term of pregnancy. With the due date coming up in two months we at Allura Hairdressing Boutique look at how you yourself can recreate this glorious glow.

Allura Hairdressing Boutique - Berwick's Best Salon

Allura Hairdressing Boutique – Berwick’s Best Salon


Pregnancy changes a woman’s body in many ways. Hair is no exception. The two most common issues women encounter whilst pregnant are dry and brittle hair or excess oil, leaving hair limp and oily. Allura Hairdressing Boutique uses De Lorenzo’s Prescriptive Solutions Series which are perfectly adapted to these dilemmas, restoring your hair to its former glory, naturally.


The thickness and shine that supposedly comes with being pregnant is not bestowed on everyone. Allura Hairdressing Boutique uses De Lorenzo’s Intense Shampoo and Conditioner from their Prescriptive Solutions range which is a moisture balance treatment that strengthens, nourishes and repairs hair. If paired with the Essential Treatments Protein Complex Spray 

Your hair will become strengthened and replenished. If you have dry hair it is important to shampoo less frequently, as this strips your hair of its natural oils. Essential Treatments ‘Equilibrium’ by contrast is a deep repair treatment masque that transforms your hair into the silky hair you were promised during pregnancy.


With the different hormonal changes experienced by women, not everyone develo

Allura Hairdressing Boutique - Berwick's Best Salon

Allura Hairdressing Boutique – Berwick’s Best Salon

ps dry hair. Others produce excess oil, leaving their hair limp and oily.  De Lorenzo have developed a pre-shampoo Oil Balance Spray that rebalances your oily roots and dry ends with organic rosehip and linseed oils. Followed by the Control Shampoo and Conditioner from their Prescriptive Solutions Range, this mild olive and coconut-based cleanser will refresh, cleanse and liberate the scalp and hair.

With little research as to the effects of certain skin and hair care products when pregnant, doctors caution to use those that are chemical-free. De Lorenzo products contain no parabens, no petrochemicals, use fair trade, certified organic ingredients and are cruelty free. Allura Hairdressing Boutique: what’s best for mother, child and the environment. Can you really place a price on peace of mind?  For more information on these products visit www.allurahair.com.au

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Sometimes we get so attached to our hairstyle we forget that it could be out of style. But what if you like your current hairstyle?  You find it fits your life and it’s easy. Don’t despair, sometimes it’s not a matter of drastically changing the cut.  Think colour!  And no, grey is not a colour.  Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if it’s time to consider an updated look

How long have you had your current hairstyle?

Does your current colour work with your hairstyle?

When you updated your cut last time, did you consider a colour change?

What’s really stopping you from taking the plunge?

Most of the time, we’re just afraid to make the change – no matter how much we trust our stylist?

If that’s what’s holding you back, then take baby steps.

Change the cut slightly       

Change the colour just one shade from where you are now

Remember, the point of making a hair change is to keep you feeling good about yourself.  Sometimes, we get so comfortable with a particular style the thought of changing it seems unthinkable.

Just take it slow.  Change doesn’t have to be drastic to be effective.  Just ask our Stylists at Allura Hairdressing Boutique – Berwick’s Best Salon, we are here to help!


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We at Allura Hairdressing Boutique – Berwick’s Best Salon like to keep up with the trends just like our Hollywood stars. Take the Academy Awards this year for example, alot of the stars did take a different approach to their hair and makeup.  The most common trend seen on many of the stars was long, glamorous hair worn down instead of an up-do, which is a fun change.

There is something about recreating classic looks on today’s women that we love. From Jessica Chastain to Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Helen Hunt, the stars let their hair down this year, finger waves and side parts were seen on many of the stars.

Allura Hairdressing Boutique - Berwick's Best Salon

Allura Hairdressing Boutique – Berwick’s Best Salon

Revitalizing old looks makes us feel like we are respecting the path of those who created so much beauty in the past, while still making us and our clients at Allura Hairdressing Boutique feel our best in the modern times.  So if it’s a Hollywood Style you are after, look no further than Allura Hairdressing Boutique – Berwick’s Best Salon.

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Can you really make your hair grow faster?” is a question every woman asks.

Do supplements really work? Are there treatments?  Your hair is only genetically capable of growing so much, but you can give it a nutrient boost to make it perform at its full potential. Most people will notice faster-growing hair by upping their intake of the right nutrients. Hair is a non-essential tissue, so if you’re deficient in something your hair will be the last to get what it needs to grow. Before you start taking vitamins, consider your diet: hair is 90 percent protein, so making protein a part of at least two meals a day is imperative for change. The nutrients that will help most with growth, thickness and overall health are vitamin D, iron, and B vitamins. 

Once you’ve started supplementing your diet with the right nutrients, we at Allura Hairdressing Boutique – Berwick’s Best Salon can help you boost your hair’s health by using our Everescents Organic Hair Care range.  Everescents has natural ingredients derived from certified organic plant based extracts and ingredients.  It’s voted the number one treatment by the Allura Team.

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Can You Hide A Receding Hairline?

posted by Lissa Logan
Can You Hide A Receding Hairline?

Can You Hide A Receding Hairline?

A receding hairline is common to many men, so you’re not alone. And yes, it can play on one’s insecurities.

So here are some tips to minimize the appearance of a receding hairline or thinning hair.

1. Get a Haircut. A short haircut is almost always a good option.

2. Shave Your Head. With a total lack of hair, nobody will notice you’re losing it in the first place.

3. Get A Hat. Wearing a stylish hat (on either formal or casual occasions) is an easy trick for concealing a receding hairline.

4. Grow it Out. If your hairline is receding, but your hair is otherwise full, you may also consider growing it out a bit and wearing the style loose and shaggy with the bangs forward a bit. This will help conceal the receding part at the front. Just make sure, at all costs, to avoid the comb-over effect.

5. Go Easy on Products. Avoid using too much products that cause the hair to separate and expose scalp. Use just a small amount of a light cream on dry hair.

These are just a few ways men can make the most of thinning hair.

Source: David Alexander, Men’s Hair Expert, About.com

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There are a lot of practices that talk about hair care. But not all of them are truly effective. Be careful when taking these rules to heart as some might do more harm than good.

Let’s take a look at some of these false “hair care” advice.

– Apply your product to sopping wet hair. Product + water = less efficiency. Blow dry your hair until it’s damp, then apply your styling products.

– Brush 100 strokes a day. Excessive brushing causes breakage and can activate your oil glands making hair greasier. Do brush your hair but don’t go overboard!

– Hair colour damages your hair. Salon colours today are loaded with extra conditioners. If you want to colour your hair, go right ahead.

– Only thick, dry hair needs deep conditioning. All hair types benefit from proper conditioning. The key is to get the right formula.

– Always use a comb on wet hair. Not so. If you spray your hair with a leave-in conditioner, it will allow your brush to slide through easily.

– Blow dry from back to front. Starting in the front reduces potential frizz. And this is the area people see first, so it makes sense to start there.

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How To Keep Straight Hair Looking Great

How To Keep Straight Hair Looking Great

You got your hair straightened and it looks absolutely amazing. But while your hair is still getting used to being stretched, you’re worried about what to do to keep it looking that way.

If you want to keep your newly straightened hair looking tiptop, it’s critical that you get a fabulous haircut to go with it. A good haircut every few months is essential for chemically treated hair.

Aside from a haircut, let us show you what other cuts and easy styles we can do to make your hair look even more stylish. Is there a hairstyle you always wanted to get but couldn’t due to the texture of your hair? Well, now you can.

We know you’re thrilled with finally having hair that doesn’t take up a lot of time to style. You love the freedom of it all. So let’s work together to keep it that way. After all, gorgeous is what we do best!

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What Commercial Models Aren’t Telling You

What Commercial Models Aren’t Telling You

Models and actresses are getting hundreds of thousands, some even millions even, to advertise brands. The same goes for hair colour.

You’ve seen Eva Longoria, Gwen Stefani, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce and many more promote these products with promises of how gorgeous and shiny your tresses will be from an $8 box of hair colour.

But the question is, do you believe it? Unfortunately, these people were made to say these things.

The truth is box colour strips the life out of your hair and leaves it looking like straw.

With salon colour, you’re investing in custom colour and expertise. We’ve spent thousands of hours studying and learning about hair and colour. Then, we had to pass the state exam to get licensed so we can formulate that colour for your hair.

The companies who sell drug store hair colour design them for the masses. There is no consideration for:

  • The natural colour of a person’s hair and the underlying pigment
  • Skin tone
  • Level of porosity
  • The use of previous artificial pigments
  • Percentage of gray, if any, and how resistant to colouring it may be

And worse, box colour formulations change and the company doesn’t tell you. That means you buy the same colour but get tragically different results. That’s when we hear,

“I don’t know what happened. It’s the same box colour I’ve always used.”

With salon colour, we evaluate the condition of your hair each time you come in. That’s why your formulation may change from time to time. Or, why we recommend a glossing or deep conditioning treatment. We see to your hair’s needs to make it healthy and beautiful.

Just say no to box colour!

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The Return Of The Twist

posted by Lissa Logan

The Return Of The Twist


It’s official. The twist has made a comeback.

But it’s not that stuffy old French twist you’re thinking about. The new hair style has lots of variations to make them interesting and beautiful!

Here are three of them:

Textured Twist- Stylists add texturizing spray to the roots of damp hair to create this look. Nothing boring about it!

Go Messy!  Dishevel a twist by pulling a few hairs out here and there. Then  scatter a few strands around the face to create that beachy look.

Add A Bun- It’s fun to combine two styles together. A chignon coiled on top works well with the French Twist for an unusual and beautiful do.

Want to see other versions of the twist? Come by the salon and we will gladly create it for you!

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