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Hair Salon Berwick - Blowdrying

Hair Salon Berwick – Blowdrying

Your hair will be blowdried to last, by using the best in ionic blowdrying equipment, best techniques and the appropriate brushes throughout the service. Your hairstylist will take you through a blowdry lesson to ensure you are able to maintain your hair style in between salon visits. It’s amazing how you can achieve salon results at home if you have the knowledge and that’s what your hairstylist at Allura will provide. Your hair should look its best day in day out without having to stick a hat on to hide that “bad hair” or pull it back in a ponytail!!

Whether you are wanting to ooze “Melbourne Hair Glamour” with a full curl-set, brush-out and style for the true femme fatale, or perhaps wanting the “Victoria’s Secret Move Over Miranda Hair
Blowdry” with bouncy, shiny, elegant and beautiful hair styling which will leave them all green with envy, or even the “Beach Hair Goddess Blowdry” to give you that hot relaxed beach hair, for that just-rolled-off-the-sand-and-onto-the-catwalk look or perhaps try the “Straight to the Point Blowdry” Super shine, super smooth, super lasting, super hot – your Allura hair stylist will use the very best natural and organic shampoo, conditioner and/or treatment for better blow drying effects and protection. Styling products will only be used to enhance shine, manageability and ensure your blow
dry lasts. At Allura Hairdressing Boutique your stylist will offer their extensive product knowledge guaranteed to help you with your biggest blowdrying concerns.

Your Allura Hair Stylist will start with a thorough consultation before washing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo as this type of shampoo will provide extra moisture that will protect your hair
from the effects of the blow dryer. It will also protect it from any other heat caused by straightening or curling, and generally add more moisture to your locks.

It is best to section the hair in order to achieve a long lasting blow dry. The bigger the section, the longer it will take to dry therefore your stylist will usually go for 4-6 sections during each blowdry.
We will also maintain a comfortable distance with the blowdryer throughout your service, so nothing burns. Plus we will never blow dry in an upwards motion, as this causes damage to your hair and scalp and prevents the moisture from soaking through to the rest of your hair. If you simply focus the hair dryer on one spot for too long it will dry out and burn the hair, rather than simply drying it gently.

At Allura we will take into consideration your hair type and apply blowdrying techniques to bring the best results.

If you have dry hair, we will apply a treatment before blowdrying but always ensure it doesn’t weigh your hair down. If you have fine hair, we will only condition the ends. If you have thick, frizzy hair we will use smoothing products and shine serum to tame unwanted frizz.

From a knock-out Hollywood Blowave to an elegant chignon, your Allura Hairdressing Boutique stylists will preen your hair to perfection. Be it for a night out, a work event or your “big day” we have the experience to design and create the best look for you 100% guaranteed.