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At Allura Hairdressing Boutique we choose the De Lorenzo Novacolor range. These hair colours impart shine, gloss and manageability. They have excellent longevity, and an extensive colour range. Truly the jewel in the De Lorenzo crown, this celebrated professional colour range is the only professional colour range on the market today that is manufactured in Australia specifically for our climate and conditions.

Novacolor is a complete range of low ammonia based colours designed to resist fading from our harsh sun. Novacolor has an infusion of Australian native plant extracts and protein complexes to ensure truer, richer, longer-lasting colour with unmatched shine and condition.

Allura processes all of their hair colours with the use of a Colour Accelerator containing an organic blend of unique natural oils that assist with the deposit of colour molecules deep within the hair and therefore accelerates the processing time. No longer do you need to sit for 30-45 minutes with your hair colour processing. We have used this practise over the past 12 years and have greatly reduced the processing time to just 10 minutes and have maintained the optimal health of the hair and scalp.

No other company promotes accelerator products with their own colour range. Colour Accelerator has been formulated especially to optimise De Lorenzo Novacolors and offers multiple benefits when using a professional colouring service;

  • Reduces timing required when used with low heat and protects the hair during the colouring process.
  • Maintains hair in superior condition.
  • Delivers hair dyes deep into the hair for rich, long-lasting, colour.
  • Reduces colour fadeout from shampooing and sun exposure.
  • Enhances tonality, luminosity, coverage and intensity.
  • Provides optimum gloss and vitality.
  • Leaves hair less damaged after colouring.


Allura Hair Colouring Secrets

The Secret to Natural Looking Highlights

When it comes to highlights, sometimes less is more. Obtaining perfect, natural-looking highlights can be tricky, but these tips will have your hair looking highlighted to natural perfection.

Despite the weird weather we’ve known to experience in Melbourne (like 4 seasons in one day) with it comes the desire to wear hair colour based around the seasons. There is a definite connection between warmer weather and lighter coloured hair and a deep connection between colder weather to darker coloured hair.

Remember back when you were a kid and your hair would get lighter during the summer month’s because of the sun’s natural effects (and being in Australia we sure do have our share of sunny days), or you may recall the good old days of pouring lemon juice on your locks to make your hair lighter in Summer. Well, unless you’re spending the next four months in the tropics on a beach then your highlights are going to come from your professional hair stylist and Colour Expert at Allura.

In order to make your man-made streaks look natural you should only go one or two shades lighter than your base colour. But the real secret to gorgeous highlights is all in where you place them. All of the Allura colourists are hyper trained to bring you exceptional colour results. If you are unable to keep up the demands of a high fashion colour then it is best to go for more natural colours and evenly space out the streaks, keeping them fine, and placing them in pockets to avoid noticeable regrowth. which can enable you to go way longer between colour appointments.


How to Keep Your Red Hue True

Red has proven itself to be the hottest hair colour in Hollywood and the trend is strong in Melbourne too. Red is a high fashion hair colour but it’s also the hardest to maintain. At Allura we have ways on how to keep your dyed, fiery strands looking radiant longer.

The cardinal post-colouring rule: “Wait at least two days to wash your hair,” says Leiza Cester, Allura Director. Washing your hair right away can cause the cuticle (your hair’s outermost layer) to lift, allowing the colour to seep out.

To maintain the brightness of your Annie-like locks, we also recommend using a colour-treated shampoo and conditioner, such as De Lorenzo’s Nova Fusion Range. We can colour match your hair colour with the Nova Fusion and you won’t strip your strands of its gorgeous hue as these formulas don’t contain harsh sulphates or silicones.


Is a Dark Hair Colour Right for You?

Do you find yourself wondering if you could pull off a dark hair colour?

Often I hear clients saying I’m tired of dealing with my highlights and want to try a darker colour this winter, but I’m worried I’ll look pasty. How can I prevent that?

Darker doesn’t have to mean a boring, flat shade that emphasizes pale skin. To winterize your current mane without feeling like someone from the Addams Family, choose a darker colour in the way of lowlights to ease you into a darker look. Preferably choose hair colour in a warm golden shade that’s similar to your natural hue. This will make the streaked sections look darker and the other strands look warmer. The effect will be very warm and multidimensional, so it won’t play up paleness.

By going with lowlights you will not be jumping in to the abyss and freaking yourself out every time you look in the mirror. You will also be optimising the condition of your hair and reducing the maintenance of your colour up keep. Remember it’s all about glossy, shiny, healthy hair so think of the bigger picture and ease in gradually building up each visit until you have a darker hair colour. Quite often you will get bored with darker hair (particularly in Summer) and end up wanting to go lighter anyway. If this sounds like you then you will be able to swap and change without affecting the condition of your hair and enjoy having regular hair colour change without the damage.


Ionic Action

Ionic Action

Electronic Master Colour Spa “Ionic Action” is not a hair steamer!

Electronic Master Colour Spa “Ionic Action” is not a hair steamer, it is a sophisticated electronic appliance providing substantial aid in technical and care treatments, reinvigorating and regenerating the hair. Hair looks shinier & colours last longer thanks to the superior technology! Even the most aggressive treatments still look beautiful, silky & nourished because the hair is exposed to far less intense chemical aggression due to the drastic reduction in treatment time & results!