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Hair Salon Berwick - Cutting

Hair Salon Berwick – Cutting

At Allura Hairdressing Boutique – Berwick’s Best Boutique Salon – your highly qualified hair stylist has been equipped with the knowledge in all aspects of hair cutting – especially style cutting. You will experience a thorough hair and scalp consultation where your stylist will listen to your biggest hair and scalp concerns, and offer suggestions to overcome these with their analysis. Quite often your biggest hair concerns can easily be overcome simply by your hairstylist listening and genuinely offering their vast knowledge on the matter.

Your stylist has been trained to cut hair in both wet and dry format as the hair can behave quite differently when wet and dry. The attention to detail will be second to none. Your stylist will use the latest techniques best suited to your hair type such as point cutting, precision cutting, chipping, slicing, gliding and texturising. Your stylist will also ensure the balance of the haircut by cross checking every section throughout the cutting process and will check from many different angles along the way. Whether you have short hair, fine hair, thick hair or hair loss your stylist is equipped with the technical ability to shape a hairstyle to suit you and your lifestyle.

Your Allura hair stylist will use a variety of techniques but probably the most popular is point cutting which will soften lines in the hair cut and result in a natural, feathered cut without leaving traces of heavy layering or blunt lines. This is perfect for long or short hair thick or thin.

Another cutting technique popularly used is precision cutting which is mainly for a more structured, well defined cut such as a classic bob shape or wedge cut. This is also a perfect technique for adding strong, bold lines to the haircut – great for short fringes or asymmetrical haircuts.

Your hair stylist will explain the cutting techniques used throughout the service and also show you ways in which you can overcome problems with thickness, flat hair, cowlicks in fringes, double crowns or long hairlines. There are many tricks of the trade to overcome the obstacles that these sometimes create.

The perfect way to add volume to hair is to chip into it to create various lengths which enables the shorter pieces of hair to support the longer lengths resulting in more lift without having to go too short!

It is also best to identify the natural fall of the hair and base the haircut around working with what you have been “blessed” with rather than against it!!! The 1980′s was a classic “hair era” for going against the grain so to speak!! What we did to our hair was quite horrendous when you look back.

This new hair age has grasped the natural fall and basically works with what you’ve got. At Allura Hairdressing Boutique our stylists are experts in hair cutting and have a minimum of 6 years experience which is reassuring to you – plus we guarantee your haircut will best suit you and your lifestyle!